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PT Demister offer a wide range of demisters with different wires and materials to suit your application and requirement. This demister is available in various shapes, sizes, dimensions and can be customized according to your specifications. Other separation products including vane pack, column internals, process element and other related type of separation equipment are also available



Most demisters are replaced on a regular basis due to fouling or corrosion. Very often the same style of demister that was installed originally is specified for the replacement.
However, our technical team can offer advice to assure optimum performance for your new or replacement demister.

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We deliver cost effective demister solutions. Many common materials are in stock, demister for replacement can be quickly manufactured and to get equipment back on line in shortest time.
PT Demister has designed, manufactured, and supplied demisters for marine, oil & gas, petrochemical plants, oleo-chemical plants, chemical plants, power generating plants, and other various industrial plants for many years.

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